FUDCon F11

On Thursday night I came down to Boston for FUDCon F11 with Deepak Bhole. We got in late so after meeting up with Lillian Angel and getting to the hotel there was no time for much other than going to bed.

Friday was a day of informal hackfests so we decided to combine forces and hang out in the same room doing various things with Eclipse, OpenJDK, JBoss, etc. David Walluck and his friend Justin Neumann drove down from Connecticut to join in the fun so we all camped out in E149 for the day. Various people came and went. Some came to learn about the general state of Java in Fedora, some to ask about the browser plugin Deepak has spent so much time on — if you find a site that it doesn’t work with, please file a bug! Others came to express interest in JBoss AS getting into Fedora. I personally spent most of the day attempting to figure out what was going wrong with the Linux Tools builds.

I also spent time showing off the latest and greatest Eclipse stuff. We had some people swing by who were very enthusiastic about the tools available and they’ll hopefully be able to use them to enhance their own work soon. Yesterday (Saturday) being BarCamp day, gave a session about Eclipse, promising eye candy. About 10 people came to the hour long session and the feedback I received indicated that people were impressed with what’s available in Fedora and what’s in the pipeline for F11.

These kinds of events are great for drumming up enthusiasm, getting cross-team communications flowing, and for the ever-important socializing that things like FUDPub enable. Thanks very much to Paul Frields for finding budget to bring us down. It was great to see everyone and meet new people. The Fedora community is rocking and Leonidas (Fedora 11 release name) promises to be a great release.

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